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Gestión y Política Pública




Public policy and management

J. Ignacio Criado and J. Ramón Gil-García, Electronic Government and Public Policy: Current Status and Future Trends in Latin America

Sharon S. Dawes, Advancing Digital Government: The Research-Practice-Knowledge Connection

Manuel Villoria and Álvaro Ramírez Alujas, Development Stages of Electronic Government Models: An Analysis from Political Theory

Regional and local management

Marco Antonio Lara Martínez, Vicente Pina Martínez and Lourdes Torres Pradas, Electronic Government and Accountability in Regional and State Administration

Manuel Gerardo Chávez-Ángeles and Patricia S. Sánchez-Medina, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a Common-pool Resource: Coordination, Competition and the Digital Divide in Eight Municipalities of Oaxaca

Management and organization

Luis Felipe Luna-Reyes, Trust and Collaboration in Interorganizational Information Technology Projects in the Public Sector

Gabriel Purón-Cid, The Dimensions of Knowledge in E-government Adoption: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Relevant experiences

Ramón Bouzas-Lorenzo and Xosé María Mahou Lago, The Study of the Functionality of Government Portals: A Methodological Proposal from the E-health

Naci Karkin, Web 2.0 Tools for Public Participation through Government Websites


J. Ramón Gil-García, Enacting Electronic Government Success, BY RODRIGO SANDOVAL ALMAZÁN

Ines Mergel, Social Media in the Public Sector: A Guide to Participation, Collaboration and Transparency in the Networked World, BY FRANCISCO ROJAS-MARTÍN

Christopher Reddick, Public Administration and Information Technology, BY GABRIELA QUINTANILLA

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